My Washing Machine Is Making A Strange Noise? 5 Common Problems!

1. There’s a water at the bottom when you open the washing machine.

You have a clogged drain. Empty the dishwasher, look for the filter and clean it. The main culprits of this problem are chicken bones, broken glass and a variety of foils, which are invisible to the eye.

2. The dishes is dirty after washing.

You may have a clogged sprayer. Turn off the washing machine, empty it and pull the water nozzle out (it can be moved when cleaning). Check all the holes, and if they’re clogged, clean them with a toothpick.


3. Glasses are not shiny but full of stains.

Put them in vinegar for five minutes – if they become shiny, it means your water is too hard. In that case, put more detergent in the washing machine. If stains remain, the problem is a too hot temperature at which the glasses are washed.

4. What can I do to get rid of fat in the washing machine?

The temperature in the machine may be below the temperature required to dissolve the fat. See instructions. If your dishwasher does not have its own thermostat (most of them now have), raise the temperature of a water in the boiler.


5. How to prevent a door leaking?

If you find that the door doesn’t stand in line, take the tool and tighten or loosen the screws for the door to snap into place. Regular cleaning of the tire that accumulates dirt is mandatory.

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