How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Carpets Cleaned In London?

Are you looking to know the amount of money it will cost you to clean your carpet?

Look no more, we have done the research for you.

Our aim is to make you informed, so you don’t unknowingly end up paying more than is standard.

We called various carpet cleaning companies in the London areas like and asked for their best carpet cleaning London prices:

The majority of the cleaners based their prices on room size and type.

All of the carpet cleaning companies we contacted did not to make a pre-visit to give a quotation.

They were quite at home to give their quotes over the phone.

However, a few of them wanted to know if there were major stains before giving their price. So, here are the prices we gathered in the research.

  • Bedroom (large) £27
  • Small bedroom (small) £20
  • Front Room (large) £35
  • Stairs and landing £30

Among all the carpet cleaners we contacted and asked for the minimum cost, the average amount was £50.

pricesWe also wanted to know the cost of cleaning the carpets yourself instead of hiring someone.

The price for hiring cleaning equipment ranged from £20 to £28 for 24 hours. Carpet shampoo would cost you £15.

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