Electrical Safety Tips Every Home Owner Should Know….

Keeping your home safe from electrical fires is an important part of home ownership.

These 7 tips will clue you in on when you should call an electrician.

Get An Electrical Safety Inspection.

Knowing how old your home is and if your wires need to be updated is crucial to having a safe home.

Not all older homes can handle today’s electric needs.

Know Your Electrical Panel.

According to Las Vegas electrician your electrical panel should never feel hot to the touch. There are several electrical panel makers that made faulty electrical panels.


Understand The Breakers.

Tripping breakers mean you have too much on the same circuit. You may need to change what circuits your appliances and other electronics are on.

Your Fire Extinguisher.

Your fire extinguisher is your only line of defense against electrical fires.

Feel Your Outlets.

Your outlets shouldn’t feel warm or hot to the touch. Warm or hot outlets indicate any number of problems.

Keep An Eye On Your Lights.

Flickering lights could mean you need to replace or repair your electrical panel, or that you have too much on one circuit.

Ground Older Appliances.

Ensure that all appliances have three-pronged plugs, and replace any that do not.

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