A Complete History Of The Beloved 90’s Online Chat Room

A chat room can be considered a part of a web site or even as a part of a service engine. This service works online for providing a space for communities of users with common areas of interest to communicate and share thoughts and ideas in real-time.

The term chat room is used, in general, to convey the idea of any type of parallel or synchronous conferencing. But today, the term is widely used for anything from online chatting to instant messaging and online discussion forums to graphical environments that engulf and engross the user.


Today’s chat rooms have evolved from what started as a computer program called Multi-User Dungeon, or simply MUD Server. The program was named Multi-User Dungeon paying homage to popular Dungeons and Dragons, which was a dice-based gaming system and free local chat rooms that was quite popular among the masses at the time.

The program grew out of the small network which consisted of Developer friends and acquaintances. MUD Server inspired others to create different versions of the program which spread from gaming to general conversations and discussions to MUD’s formed by groups to pursue discussions on topics of common interest.