Carpet Cleaning Tips For Long Lasting Carpets

Choosing an accredited and environmentally friendly way of carpet cleaning should always be everyone’s priority.

After all, the aim is always to remove dirt and other chemical residue and not introducing more. Below are important tips that may help an individual keep their carpets clean and durable.


The most efficient way of keeping anything clean and durable is usually to prevent dirt. Frequent washing usually cut the fibres of these mats. Therefore ensuring that they do not get dirty will always make them last longer as this will reduce the frequency of washings needed. This will also save individual money by not buying expensive washing materials frequently.

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High Traffic Areas

Carpets usually need to be vacuumed in places of your home that receive high traffic levels. The areas of carpets that usually receive heavy traffic are those areas that are exposed and places where people rub the feet regularly. Frequent vacuuming may be critical as it will prevent the buildup of bratty particles that are likely to damage the fibres of the rug. Once in a while, this should also be extended to other hidden areas of the carpets.

Don’t Rub

Rubbing at stains on the rug will not remove them. Instead, this will only make them spread out and stick more. Sometimes, rubbing on these stains will always make them permanent on the rug. As such, they should be removed using specific stain removing solutions depending on the type of stain to be removed.

After washing, the rug should always be dried the natural way. This means either drying in the sun or using specific carpet dryers. Using a hair dryer or even hot iron box is likely to seal the stains permanently on the mat.

For the purpose of commercial washing, there are numerous carpet cleaning firms that residents may always go to. These firms will always charge different prices for these services. Because of this, it is important to get quotations from several companies before choosing one. Reputations of the company may also be a factor to consider.

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