Carpet Cleaning 101 – How To Get Rid Of The Toughest Stains

If you feel dejected after dropping a pizza slice or spilling your coffee on the carpet, do not worry.

You are in the majority. Most of the people cleaning their carpets don’t seem to be satisfied with the cleaning quality of their cleaning shampoos.

remove-stainsThe shampoo is either unable to remove the stains or the smell and when it can, it costs a lot.

According to carpet cleaners Las Vegas,  the best cleaning shampoos should be able to remove tough stains and leave the carpet smelling fresh. It should also not affect the health of your kids or your pets.

Below are five best cleaning shampoos which not only gets the job done but are also cost effective.

1- Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus (AH30035)
• Can be used for wide variety including stains, vomit, pet accidents, and blood
• Approved by Carpet & Rug Industry

2- BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula (78H6B)
• Specialized for cleaning pet’s urine odours & stains
• Biodegradable & environment-friendly

remove-stains-13- Hoover CLEANPLUS 2X Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer (AH30330)
• Great smell, non-toxic & biodegradable
• Can be used on carpets, rugs, car interiors & upholstery

4- Kirby Allergen Shampoo
• 100% allergen-free & works well with most carpet cleaners
• Unscented & nontoxic

5- Bi-O-Kleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo Concentrate
• All-natural formula & skin safe
• Cost effective & works with all washable fabrics

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